Upper Body Strength Workout

  1. 5×15 push ups
  2. 30 shoulder taps
  3. 20 push ups
  4. 10 push ups
  5. 2×20 shoulder taps
  6. 2×15 count plank hold
  7. 2×10 plank rotations
  8. 30 plank side crunches
  9. 2×20 punches
  10. 4×30 punches
  11. 3×20 knife hand strikes
  12. 10 burpees
  13. 2×10 leg raises
  14. 20 crunches

Author: RiseSetOnline

Digital Media Hello. I am Rodrigo Sanchez from Somerton, AZ. This is my small website where I share life tips, hacks, small info, positive vibes, quotes, exercises, workouts, short videos, social media, and verses. Disclosure: I place affiliate links in my posts, pages, images, and videos at no extra cost to you. Email riseset75@gmail.com for prices if your business or endeavor banner could be posted in this site.

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