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I didn’t have extra time for this. I called late to work. Parked at a gas station. Got everything ready to get a little dirty trying to stay clean though.

Got the jack, two jack stands, gloves, the lug wrench, a flat head screwdriver for the hubcap. The lug nuts were hard to get off. I now carry a long pipe to help with hard to loosen lug nuts.. This was my first time I had to stand on lug wrench to loosen lug nuts. there has to be an easier way?

wow. thread good. but ripped?

It was here, that I realized I couldn’t lower my spare tire from underneath the truck bed. I didn’t have the tool? So many men going to work in trucks parked here at the gas station and I couldn’t ask anybody for this tool. Thinking everybody was running with no time to help me out. I have triple a membership, but I only had four service calls with my account, and they had been used up. Then I realized I parked in a TOW AWAY zone. Ah Man. First I had called to work saying I was going to be late, then I had to call to work saying I was not gonna make it.

I called my girlfriend to help me, I was stranded, eighteen miles away from work, but couldn’t leave my truck in a tow-away zone, Eight miles away from the house. We looked for a twenty-four tire shop to buy a replacement tire. My flat happened early, at 4:30 in the morning.

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The second reason my day at work was over before it started. The tire shop was busy, two guys, one was taking wheels off vehicles and the other dismounting wheels from tires, or is it the other way around? The guy who assisted me walked to the back of the shop to look for the tire that I needed, I saw a whole bunch. I wanted to do my part in being a helpful customer, that I looked at the treads and sidewall of the tires that he was showing me, and I forgot to verify the size of the tire I needed. I asked him, ” are all these tires, the size I need? “, Tire guy: ” yes “. I’ll take this one. He gave my tire to the second dude. He did his work. I ask, ” Does the price include balancing? ” 2nd dude, ” No, but I’ll do it for $5, normally it’s $10 “. Me, ” next time “. Remembering my truck in a tow-away zone. They checked my tire for air leaks in a small water tank. Test passes. 1st dude gave me my rim and my new to me tire. My girlfriend drove me to my stranded place. I crossed my fingers. My truck has to be there, my truck has to be there, my truck has to be there, what if it’s not there??? To my luck or someone above helping me. My truck was there. As I started putting my rim on, I happened to notice the size of the new to me tire. 245 65 17? What, 245 65 17, NO, 245 65 17, ah man. Well, gotta get my truck outta here. I’ll have to go back to the tire shop, not wanting to waste gas, but I had to. Tire on. Tools put away in the toolbox. Bed tarp rolled over my truck bed. With left rear 265 65 17, right rear 245 65 17, all the dash icons in my truck dash lit up. Oh. Do I have brakes? Lightly stepped on brakes. I did. Turned off the traction system. Paid attention to how my truck handled. It handled okay, yet all the icons being on kept me nervous. Never been through this. But we made to the tire shop. Busier than before. I waited for my turn again. Helped some people check their tire pressure or air up their tires. Learned that to disconnect or connect something to the air hose at this particular tire shop. You don’t slide the quick link down. It has a blue dot, that once pressed. Accessories can be connected to the air hose. 2nd guy gave me a better tire, said oops. I left the place. On to my honey-do list.

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If you get a flat while driving, don’t press on the brake pedal hard. Instead, slowly, slow the vehicle down. Hold the steering wheel firmly and carefully change lanes to a safe spot on the side of the road, preferably where you can change the flat tire safely. Park on a level surface. Turn the hazard flashers on and set the parking brake.

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A car repo is a horrifying thing and that is why we don’t want anybody to experience it. But normally it happens. Many different people sometimes buy cars that they cannot afford, or maybe some circumstance has made it, in such a way that they can’t make their car payments. Whenever something of this nature occurs, auto dealers and loan companies will repo your vehicle. Some lenders repossess the unpaid property at three months. If you are not able to get it back, you will probably end up under a very serious financial strain. If you don’t have a vehicle to get you to the place you need to go, here is a guide to buying a car after a repo:

  1. Figure Out What Went Wrong
    Figuring out exactly all that went wrong is the first thing you need to do after your car repo. There are some conditions where your car will be repo and it was not your fault. It might be that you have lost your job, or you had to pay some emergency bills like electric bill and couldn’t get your payment done.
    Most times also, the reason may be that you bought a car that costs you a lot of money, or that you really could not afford it at that time. Take your time and think about why your car was repo and also think about the possible measure you will take to avoid a repo in the future.
  2. Get Your Finances In Order And Pay Down Debt
    For the short-term, all you need to do is to get your finances in order. Some folks who have bad credit, most times do not know where their money is going monthly and leads to bad situations.
    Settle down and calculate your monthly income and the debt that you have to pay off every month. In addition to that, budgeting out other expenses like rent, utilities, groceries, auto insurance, and any other expenses are very necessary.
    After doing so, the next thing is for you to start prioritizing the debts you need to pay off. For instance, if you can pay down a credit card bill completely instead of making monthly payments minimum, you will be able to save a lot in a month which leads to a better financial benefit.
  3. Find A Short-Term Transportation Solution
    Unfortunately, many areas lack the best public transportation system. But there are some buses and other public transit resources in your area. You have to do some research and see how you can get where a car is not needed.
    You also have to consider to invest in a bicycle, but it will possibly not be useful during the winter. If you can get to work, stores, and so many other locations without using a car, you will be able to focus on the next step of the process.
  4. Try To Rebuild Your Credit As Much As You Can
    If you wish to apply for an auto loan, you are probably going to try and rebuild your credit before you attempt to purchase your car. Repo affects your credit score negatively by quite a bit. Furthermore, your credit score can be affected by the following:
    A large overall debt burden
    Canceled credit cards
    Outstanding debts send to collection agents
    Late payments
    Visit the three credit reporting agencies for your yearly free credit report. Start thinking on how you can rebuild your credit by paying off your debts or use a secured credit card. If you follow the proper steps, to raise your score quite a bit within a few months becomes easy.
  5. Start Saving For A Down Payment On Reasonably Priced Car
    It is a good idea to have saved for a large down payment on a car rather than putting no money down and paying more every month when you have bad credit.
    Make a budget and cut costs wherever you can to save more money for a down payment.
    Expenses, like going to bars, and going out to eat, is an example of a great place to start.
    A huge down payment makes you have less risk to credit lenders, and it also reduces the total interest that you will have to pay down on your auto loan and as well the cost of your monthly car payment.
    See where you can lower or better yet stop unnecessary expenses. These savings will add up in your monthly earnings and you will be in a good financial position when you shop for a used car.

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Checking Your Car’s Engine Oil

Start with vehicle on level ground.

Have engine off and wait fifteen minutes for the engine oil to drain into the engine oil pan.

Have vehicle transmission in park, and set parking brake if manual.

Open the hood. Be careful with hot automotive parts.

Locate the engine oil dipstick & carefully remove it.

Wipe the engine oil dipstick clean. Insert the dipstick fully, then remove

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