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Many successful people say to sleep five or six hours to take advantage of the rest of the hours left in the day to be successful. Many truly live by it.

Some are: Dwayne Johnson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, ( one n two g’s).


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There are successful people that say we need seven to eight hours.

Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Tobias Lutke

Some stretch the number to eight and nine. the keys are to sleep well, and to truly sleep when in bed to rest and recover.

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Many successful people say to start early

Plan the day

Plan the week

Plan the month

Yes. some go as far as to

Plan the quarter, half of the year, the year


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Some successful people meditate for better sleep and less stress, maybe you could try it.


Deep Rejuvenating Sleep link. Click.

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Making sleep a consistent habit is the best way to recover.

You have to keep track of your times, sometimes we will be sleep deprived, when others depend on us and when we are the only one, ourselves has. We have to know when to tune out of everything to sleep otherwise we could shut down, make mistakes, get sick, become forgetful, break down, fatigue, collapse, and not perform well. We won’t always sleep in our beds and at night.


January 2021

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