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Create a workout with the time you have. Dumbbells, barbells, or weight plates.

Incline Curls 4 x 12

Concentration Curls 4 x 10

Triceps Dips 4 x 15

Tricep Kickbacks 4 x 12


Standing Alternating Dumbbell Curls Holding Resting Dumbbell at 90 Degrees 4 x 10

Sitting Dumbbell Concentration Curls 5 x 10


Incline Bench Dumbbell Concentration Curls 3 x 15


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Standing Single Arm Cable Curls 4 x 15

Standing Weight Plate Hammer Key Curls 4 x 15

Standing Reverse Grip Plate Curls 4 x 20



Standing Alternating 25 lbs Weight Plate Curls 100 reps.

Incline Dumbbell Curls 4 x 10

Standing EZ Barbell Curls 4 x 12

Standing ISO Dumbbell Curls 4 x 10

Standing Hammer Curls 4 x 15


March 2023


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Dare to Cultivate | Just a City Girl Loving her Rural Roots!

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grow something


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Bring Change to Mind – Let’s Talk Mental Health

March 2023


Some of us need help sleeping.

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Some of us need help with weight loss.

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If not allergic to the following items?

one litre of boiling water

five bags of green tea

one orange

a handful of fresh mint

Try it for twenty one days if you can?

Try to have more smoothies, add proteins to your meals, and healthy snacks.

Exercise could help in your weight, stress, anxiety, cravings, and tiredness losses.

Barbell Curls

20lbs x 50 x 25 x 25 x 25 x 25


5 pauses

March 2023
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How To Build Confidence


If you know how to build confidence, it will be an advantage to do good in life. There are many benefits for a person who possesses self-confidence.

Confidence is the belief of yourself having the potential to do things and face things in life. It doesn’t matter good or bad; what is important is to accept the things as they are.

Importance of confidence

The ability to face personal and professional challenges, provide strength to deal with pressure, and build character are few of the advantages of having confidence. A person should believe in himself/herself to tackle the different obstacles that come their way. People find it attractive to have self-confidence. It gives them the courage to adapt to any situation and overcome the hardness of them.

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Tips to build confidence

Learn something every day

Confidence is gained through personal experiences. No one knows everything. Accept the fact that there are things you know, and there are things still to be learned. It will help you boost your confidence by learning new things. All you need is to accept the requirements for learning and practicing things to do them better.

Learn from failures. It isn’t the end of the world as you can turn it to your advantage. Accept the fact that failure is the best teacher. It is human nature to make mistakes. What is important is how you act afterward. With self-confidence, you can achieve great things in your life.

Get others’ opinions

People see the things we do from different points of view. Therefore, it is crucial to get the opinion of others to decide between what is right and what is wrong. This feedback will help to leave behind the things that reflect negatively on confidence.

Take your chances

A person should ready to take risks where necessary. It will help to build confidence and believe in yourself. It is not required to over-consider everything before making the choices. It is essential to follow your senses where necessary an make the correct call.

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Practice and prepare

Practice makes perfection. Through the preparation, you can minimize the mistakes in a task. Imagine when you are delivering a speech, doing a presentation, or facing an interview. People find them challenging. But, with proper preparation and practice, you can build confidence to do them correctly. People will see it as charming as a person with self-confidence.

Find a role-model

There are iconic characters people tend to imitate or follow. Such people have something unique to stand above the rest. You can select such a style to get the necessary characteristics to implement in your life. Such exemplary characters will help you compare yourself with them and find strengths and weaknesses. Then you can adjust accordingly.

Have an ambition

Having the vision to achieve something is a better way to move forward. Choose what you enjoy most doing and set a target. Divide the goal into several milestones. As you achieve the milestones one by one, you are getting closer to the dream of your life. Each step will gain you more confidence, and it will boost the confidence within yourself.

Long Distance Learning Under Quarantine By: D. Mendoza


No Child Left Behind. Every Student Succeeds. Race to the Top. Regardless of the names policy makers put behind national education initiatives over the last twenty years, the outcomes have been the same. Children are regularly left behind. Every student does not succeed (many actually lack a legit opportunity to do so). And when it comes to the educational equity race, the ever-elusive finish line makes it feel like we are not on a track, but on a treadmill.

The corona virus pandemic is revealing new layers of inequity that may end up setting us back even further. Education leaders are tackling the unexpected challenge of providing distance learning as the primary mode of instruction for weeks, months, and possibly the remainder of the school year. How can school systems that struggle to deliver equitable results in a standard brick and mortar setting overcome the added challenges inherent in distance learning?

Some districts have answered this question by deciding not to provide any learning, period. The legal obligations here are admittedly complex. Once school systems commit to provide any instruction, they are legally obligated to meet the needs of students with special needs. School closures across the country have also brought to shine a bright light on the enormous role schools play in our children’s safety net.  Understandably, requiring students to have the technological resources and support at home needed for effective distance learning programs to work is a challenging legal obligation.

But it is still important to have a clear definition of what successful distance learning should look like. To define success, presume that every single student has the necessary technology, time, motivation, and support to participate in distance learning. Then, consider how success would be measured if standardized exams did not exist. As part of my work with educators, I have regularly asked what they would do if they had a magic wand to re-imagine education. Their most popular answer aligns closely with what success would look like in today’s digital context: giving every child their own independent learning goals and equipping them the tools and resources they need to meet these goals.

There is no exhaustive how-to list for equity because equity work is never quite finished. The key to providing equitable distance learning opportunities for all students is to recognize what this looks like for each student’s unique situation. This transition from “all children” to “each child” is probably a heavier lift than the shift to distance learning. But by recognizing equity as an overarching aspect of every decision school system leaders are making as part of this transition, valuable lessons will be learned that will help schools serve students more effectively in this new distance learning environment.

March 2023

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A few tips to learning a new home neighborhood

Moving into a new neighborhood. It may be jarring emotionally. You have to pack everything into boxes and convince your brain to live in a new unfamiliar place. It spikes fears. However, the best is to explore the new home neighborhood and it is an excellent way of gaining a firm footing.

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Here are a few tips to learn about your new home neighborhood:

Visit both times, Morning and Evening

Moving to a new place or a city is not less scary. Figuring out the neighborhood is a must so that you know the daily habits before settling.  Visit the neighborhood at day and night times. It is a must to know a place after the sun sets, either it goes emptying or is filled with a social scene. Modern GPS gadgets and the ones in our cell phones can get ourselves found when we venture in circles learning new to us neighborhood streets.

Consider transportation changes. Some places may be near intersections that during rush hours there may be severe traffic honking, while other times it may be silent. While some parts may come alive after the sun goes down. Thus, visit twice a day in your neighborhood on different days to learn about the neighborhood.

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Find the Favorite Spots

There is a need to know the neighborhood vibes for a local cocktail, coffee, and brunch spots. Avoid places that are close to tourist attractions. Yet, sense where people interact in a town and the place the locals prefer to have a cup of coffee.

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Spend some time before and after at the local grocery store. You will get to know the ins and outs. It keeps you safe from the initial shock after moving in. However, ensure to stock your fridge to full.

Map Your Routine

Map your routine so that you know the places for an easy transition. Getting into a routine has its fair share of challenges. Thus, check how you can commute to work, details about the gym, grocery store, ATM/Bank, Parks, Gas station, vet, Post Office, and Doctors office.

Stop for a treat or a coffee after the first day of moving and when you are trying to settle in a routine. It relieves you from the transition stress.


Mention Your Arrival

It is best to mention your arrival as just moved. You will get tips about the town. You can know more about your new neighborhood, and also get introduced to new friends and passions. Use this opportunity to break free and dive into new thoughts of settling in the new home.

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Good Luck!

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States And Their Capitals

Washington Olympia

Oregon Salem

California Sacramento


Mini Portable Projector

Alaska Juneau

Hawaii Honolulu


Dancing Little Robot

Arizona Phoenix

Nevada Carson City

Idaho Boise

Montana Helena



Wyoming Cheyenne

Utah Salt Lake City

New Mexico Santa Fe


Personal Heart Health Tracker

Texas Austin

Oklahoma Oklahoma City

Colorado Denver

Kansas Topeka

Nebraska Lincoln

South Dakota Pierre

North Dakota Bismarck


PC Sound Speakers

Minnesota Saint Paul

Iowa Des Moines

Missouri Jefferson City

Arkansas Little Rock

Louisiana Baton Rouge


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Mississippi Jackson

Alabama Montgomery

Tennessee Nashville


United States Map

Connecticut Hartford

Kentucky Frankfort

Indiana Indianapolis

Illinois Springfield

Wisconsin Madison

Michigan Lansing



Ohio Columbus

West Virginia Charleston

Pennsylvania Harrisburg

New York Albany

Vermont Montpelier



Maine Augusta

New Hampshire Concord

Massachusetts Boston

Rhode Island Providence

New Jersey Trenton

Delaware Dover

Maryland Annapolis

Virginia Richmond

North Carolina Raleigh

South Carolina Columbia

Georgia Atlanta

Florida Tallahassee