Military Units

So That Others May Live

PJ Motto

Marine Corps Raiders

Navy Seals

Air Force Pararescue

Army Delta Force

Marine Corps Force Recon

Air Force Combat Controllers

Army Special Forces


Army Rangers

Air Force Tactical Air Control Party

Air Force Special Reconnaissance

Navy Seal Team 6 ( USA )

Black Storks ( Pakistan )

SAS ( UK )

JW GROM ( Poland )

GSG 9 ( Germany )

Delta Force ( USA )

Sayeret Matkal ( Israel )

Joint Task Force 2 ( Canada )

GIGN ( France )

Alpha group ( Russsia )

Who Dares Wins


Rogers Standing Orders

Don’t forget nothing.

Have your musket clean as a whistle, hatchet scoured, sixty rounds powder and ball, and be ready to march at a minute’s warning.

When you’re on the march, act the way you would if you was sneaking up on a deer. See the enemy first.

Tell the truth about what you see and what you do. There is an army depending on us for correct information. You can lie all you please when you tell other folks about the Rangers, but don’t never lie to a Ranger or officer.

Don’t never take a chance you don’t have to.

When we’re on the march we march single file, far enough apart so one shot can’t go through two men.

If we strike swamps, or soft ground, we spread out abreast, so it’s hard to track us.

When we march, we keep moving till dark, so as to give the enemy the least possible chance at us.

When we camp, half the party stays awake while the other half sleeps.

If we take prisoners, we keep ’em separate till we have had time to examine them, so they can’t cook up a story between ’em.

Don’t ever march home the same way. Take a different route so you won’t be ambushed.

No matter whether we travel in big parties or little ones, each party has to keep a scout 20 yards ahead, 20 yards on each flank, and 20 yards in the rear so the main body can’t be surprised and wiped out.

Every night you’ll be told where to meet if surrounded by a superior force.

Don’t sit down to eat without posting sentries.

Don’t sleep beyond dawn. Dawn’s when the French and Indians attack.

Don’t cross a river by a regular ford.

If somebody’s trailing you, make a circle, come back onto your own tracks, and ambush the folks that aim to ambush you.

Don’t stand up when the enemy’s coming against you. Kneel down, lie down, hide behind a tree.

Let the enemy come till he’s almost close enough to touch, then let him have it and jump out and finish him up with your hatchet.

Rules Of Ranging

All Rangers are subject to the rules of war.

Before reaching your destination, send one or two men forward to scout the area and avoid traps.

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Incline Bench Dumbbell Concentration Curls 3 x 15


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Standing Single Arm Cable Curls 4 x 15

Standing Weight Plate Hammer Key Curls 4 x 15

Standing Reverse Grip Plate Curls 4 x 20



Standing Alternating 25 lbs Weight Plate Curls 100 reps.

Incline Dumbbell Curls 4 x 10

Standing EZ Barbell Curls 4 x 12

Standing ISO Dumbbell Curls 4 x 10

Standing Hammer Curls 4 x 15


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March 2023

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March 2023

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How To Build Confidence


If you know how to build confidence, it will be an advantage to do good in life. There are many benefits for a person who possesses self-confidence.

Confidence is the belief of yourself having the potential to do things and face things in life. It doesn’t matter good or bad; what is important is to accept the things as they are.

Importance of confidence

The ability to face personal and professional challenges, provide strength to deal with pressure, and build character are few of the advantages of having confidence. A person should believe in himself/herself to tackle the different obstacles that come their way. People find it attractive to have self-confidence. It gives them the courage to adapt to any situation and overcome the hardness of them.

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Tips to build confidence

Learn something every day

Confidence is gained through personal experiences. No one knows everything. Accept the fact that there are things you know, and there are things still to be learned. It will help you boost your confidence by learning new things. All you need is to accept the requirements for learning and practicing things to do them better.

Learn from failures. It isn’t the end of the world as you can turn it to your advantage. Accept the fact that failure is the best teacher. It is human nature to make mistakes. What is important is how you act afterward. With self-confidence, you can achieve great things in your life.

Get others’ opinions

People see the things we do from different points of view. Therefore, it is crucial to get the opinion of others to decide between what is right and what is wrong. This feedback will help to leave behind the things that reflect negatively on confidence.

Take your chances

A person should ready to take risks where necessary. It will help to build confidence and believe in yourself. It is not required to over-consider everything before making the choices. It is essential to follow your senses where necessary an make the correct call.

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Practice and prepare

Practice makes perfection. Through the preparation, you can minimize the mistakes in a task. Imagine when you are delivering a speech, doing a presentation, or facing an interview. People find them challenging. But, with proper preparation and practice, you can build confidence to do them correctly. People will see it as charming as a person with self-confidence.

Find a role-model

There are iconic characters people tend to imitate or follow. Such people have something unique to stand above the rest. You can select such a style to get the necessary characteristics to implement in your life. Such exemplary characters will help you compare yourself with them and find strengths and weaknesses. Then you can adjust accordingly.

Have an ambition

Having the vision to achieve something is a better way to move forward. Choose what you enjoy most doing and set a target. Divide the goal into several milestones. As you achieve the milestones one by one, you are getting closer to the dream of your life. Each step will gain you more confidence, and it will boost the confidence within yourself.

Tips To Beat Depression


What is Depression?

Depression is the negative feelings about the things you liked to do. It reduces the interest in doing things and gives sad feelings. It can cause mental and physical problems for a person. Depression can affect the work and day to day activities negatively.

Reasons for Depression

There are numerous reasons behind Depression. There can be mental and physical causes of Depression.

Abuse – Both sexual and emotional cases of abuse can cause Depression. These factors can come-up later in life.

Genetics – If there is Depression in family history, there is a risk of Depression.

Death or loss – Facing severe losses or the death of a beloved person can be a reason for Depression.

Ambitions – If a person works towards an ambition, he or she can be in Depression with the pressure to achieve the goal.

New experiences – Finding a new job or moving into a new place can cause Depression.

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What are the symptoms of Depression?

Depression can be visible from different symptoms shown by people.

– Loss of interest in activities once was fond of

– Feeling sad or down

– Loss of appetite and loss of weight

– The difficulty of keeping concentration

– Feeling worthless or neglected

Feeling anxious or lazy isn’t always Depression. These symptoms should last at least two weeks to consider as Depression.

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Tips to beat Depression


There is anti-depression medicine to get rid of the Depression. It is an excellent way to overcome the Depression by modifying brain chemistry. See a psychiatrist and get the recommendations. Make sure you don’t overdo the medications. 

Make lifestyle changes

Make the necessary changes to your lifestyle. Have a hobby, and dedicate some time to it. There are plenty of new things to try. Visit a gym and try to get the shape that you were dreaming of getting. Try changing your hairstyle a bit and make changes to your wardrobe. You will feel refreshed, and the negative feelings will go away eventually.

Be surrounded by loved ones

When you are feeling left-out, try talking to a good friend. Take a day-off and visit your family. Organize a party at the weekend. Invite a few friends and have a conversation over dinner. It will get the feeling that you are special for many people.

Accept new things

Life is a mixture of good and bad things. Always try to think of the good things and achievements in life. Go through the stuff you possess and think of the things you already have in your life. 

Be honest with yourself and others.

Try not to hide anything from your loved ones. Be honest and ask for their help to overcome Depression. They will love to help you. Talk with the people in your workplace and ask to reduce the workload until you get rid of your medical condition.

Keep trying

Depression will not go away within a day or two. It needs patience and essential to know how to overcome Depression. All you need is to keep following your psychiatric’s advice and stay stick to the healing process.



Despite the fact that the COVID-19 disease covers everything, but the rest of the viruses and bacteria have not disappeared. There is a good chance that what you have is a different infection. Some signs can reassure you.

A disease, including COVID-19, does not always respond to the same symptoms. It varies from patient to patient.

However, these variations, which the physician should be aware of, are usually rare. The vast majority agree on the symptoms.

As you know, in coronavirus infection, there is high fever and dry cough; later, shortness of breath.

Coronavirus symptoms are more common in other diseases

There are other symptoms that, in a very high percentage, are common in other diseases and practically rule out the coronavirus.

The first major study of symptoms, published by The New England Journal of Medecine, clarifies which symptoms are not common.


Less than 1% of those affected by the coronavirus have swollen irritated or watery eyes.

It is a symptom that is associated with an allergy or a common cold. It is one of the most obvious signs to start ruling out COVID-19.


A very common symptom of common colds and, to a lesser extent, influenza, and has rarely been detected in COVID-19.

The coronavirus affects the upper part of the respiratory system less, unlike common constipation.

So these symptoms of the upper part of the head are more typical of a cold.


Sneezes are common from the flu, colds, and allergies to mites or pollen, for example.

A dry cough, typical of the coronavirus, can also be a sign of the flu or even a cold. That is, do not think that it is a coronavirus either.


Fever is one of the most common factors in coronavirus infection. Even if it takes two or three days, it almost always appears.

Only high fever is related to COVID-19

It is also a fever that exceeds 37.5 degrees. The average is usually between 38 and 39 degrees during illness.

The slight fever can be caused by a cold. It is not usual, but when it is intense, it is accompanied by low fever and some general discomfort.


Only 4% of coronavirus patients get this symptom.

It is more common in a stomach virus, spoiled food, or even nerves.


Nausea and vomiting also occur very rarely among COVID-19 patients (5%).

Some aerial viruses can end up in the digestive tract and cause digestive problems. But it is not normal.

Only 5% of infected people feel nauseated by this virus

A stomach virus or spoiled food are much more common causes.


Fatigue is a very common symptom of the flu. The feeling of weakness and fatigue can last for two weeks.

It is true that in the COVID-19, there is also fatigue, but to a lesser extent, it has been seen in a third of those infected by the coronavirus.


Muscle or joint pain is a common symptom of the flu. Also, of course, to other non-respiratory diseases.

Body pain is more like flu. Few cases (less than 15%) with pain have been described in those infected with coronavirus.


In a similar proportion to muscle pain, it is almost always a flu symptom in respiratory diseases.

In this type of illness, be it the flu or COVID-19, the headache occurs along with other symptoms.

If you are only suffering from a headache without any other symptoms (fever, cough), it is probably migraine or tension pain.


If you have other symptoms, such as cough and fever, but you breathe well, don’t rule it out as the common flu.

It could be a coronavirus but in a mild condition.

But the disease, if it spreads and goes down to the lungs, causes a very characteristic feeling of shortness of breath, typical of pneumonia.